Tanzania is now dedicated to put a stand against the effect of plastic waste on the natural environment together with very many other countries worldwide. Kilimanjaro Trails is a long-time supporter of the ‘Travelers against Plastic and Leave No Trace’ Campaign and is very happy to hear that the government of Tanzania is pushing for this commitment to reduce on the amount of plastic that is being used and very often thrown away.

The Tanzanian government is presenting an injunction on single-use plastic bags which will become effective on June 1st 2019. The injunction covers tourists as well and it will include all the plastic bags that you might have within your belongings.  A single-use plastic bag is defined by the kind of plastic it is made from and it doesn’t show the number of times one can re-use it. For that reason items just like the heavy duty plastic bags that you might want to use for packing items in your suitcase will also be part of the ban.

All travelers will be asked to give up all the plastic bags they might be carrying in their suitcases at specific points that will be introduced at all airports. In order to avoid any inconveniences we would advise you not to bother taking any plastic bags into Tanzania hence being left to struggle finding another packing alternative there.


Are you speculating what it is like being at the highest point on the African continent and would like to climb Mount Kilimanjaro? Well the snow capped Mountain Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain in Africa and its also known as the ‘rooftop of Africa’. Over the years, many climbers have tried to summit this amazing summits and a number of them have actually made it to the top. in this articles, we bring you the twelve (12) facts you should know right before making reservations for this climb that might help  increase your success rate to the top.

  1. Consider climbing the Kilimanjaro a progressive hike

Most people imagine that when you’re ascending a mountain you should be a very brave person who can climb a rough surface with just your bare hands clinging on to an upright rock with a traumatic fall below to the earth. They also think that you should be a fearless alpinist covered in a suit from the bottom to the top, taking short steps in bottomless snow, joined to your team mates by a rope and having an axe in the hand. Well, all this does not happen when hiking Mount Kilimanjaro even if it is the highest peak in Africa.