Serengeti Tortilis Camp

Serengeti Tortilis Camp is a fine Semi-luxury tented camp (tented lodge) in the Serengeti National Park, perfect for safari in the Serengeti with all amenities of a lodge. Clean Safe and comfortable.


The camp is named after the distinctive thorny ‘tortilis tree’ prominent in the Serengeti Plains. The Serengeti Tortilis Camp is a nice semi-luxury camp in the heart of the endless plains of the famous Serengeti National Park. This tented camp combines comfort with the sense of wilderness, the sense of freedom, the sense of being ‘right there’, as one relaxes after the excitement of the whole day out in the plains. A perfect resting place in Serengeti while on your Tanzania Safari!

Friendly staff, great food and the whole atmosphere makes your safari-camp experience truly unforgettable at Serengeti Tortilis Camp.

Set in the heart of nature, the tented camp is designed to look after you while you tune in to the very heartbeat of Africa; the wild sounds, the natural scents, – the sights of Serengeti’s ‘endless plains’ could not be closer than this.
At Serengeti Tortillis Camp you will dine, sleep, relax and know that the best of Africa’s natural wonders is knocking gently on your door.


Best time to Stay at Serengeti Tortilis Camp.

Most of the safari tours that we offer that include the Serengeti National Park all through the year are perfect for staying in the Serengeti Tortilis Camp. One such package is our 3 days Serengeti safari. Get in touch with our Tanzania safari experts on the best time and best package to include if you wish to stay in the Serengeti Tortilis Camp.

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