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Our care takers (guides) have had over a thousand (1,000) successful peak attempts and they make each and every climb fun, safe and offer every climber a shot to having a successful hike

It is therefore very important for us to avail our best caretakers to each of our clients to ensure that each mountain attempt is lead by the best mountain guides.



For every peak attempt, we make a ratio of (3:1) every three climbers have a care taker just for them to make sure that our hikers all get the personal care they require to get to the peak safe and sound, and enjoy a once in a lifetime experience to cherish for life.

All of our skilled guides at Kilimanjaro Trails are licensed to lead hikers (mountain –climbers)by the Kilimanjaro National Park and each of them makes several climbs to the peak every year. Additionally all of our guides do speak fluent English, Kiswahili as well as Chagga. We personally handle all our clients and never subcontract other agents to lead our clients on their summit attempts just to make sure that our clients enjoy their Kilimanjaro experience safely and successfully.

As one of the requirements to be certified by Kilimanjaro National Parks, the guides have to go through a broad training. We offer our guides (caretakers) regular refresher courses and general first aid training and this helps them to be well qualified for their work. In case one of our hikers gets altitude sickness, our certified guides can know it and quickly embark on a descent down the mountain which is the safest treatment for it. In case of an emergency, we have a well-known procedure we follow which includes rescue & evacuations procedures if required.

Our head guide for each expedition operates with a team comprised of assistant guides, cooks, and porters who will do everything possible to support you as you take on the Mount Kilimanjaro challenge.  Our clients are usually shocked by the huge size of the team, let’s say, a couple (2 people) on a week’s climb will have to themselves a team of thirteen (13) including one (1) head guide, one (1) assistant chaperon, one (1) chef and ten (10) porters. We usually have several porters because, first of all it’s a whole camping experience so everything has to be carried like clients’ back packs, sleeping tents, tables, mess tents, chairs and cooking gear. Secondly we firmly obey the KINAPA Park & KPAP Regulations concerning maximum load weight each porter should carry.

Kilimanjaro Porters Assistance Project (KPAP)  is an organization which makes sure that all porters receive a good wedge for their hard work, are well equipped and taken good care of and Kilimanjaro Trails  is a fulfilled member of it. The Kilimanjaro Porters Assistance Project is a member of the (IMEC) International Mountain Explorers Connection who formed the system that recognizes tour operators that are devoted to the good treatment of their porters and the entire hiking team.

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