Mount Kilimanjaro Accommodation

During the Mount Kilimanjaro Climb, hikers with Kilimanjaro Trail will sleep in a modern four season mountain tent all through the hike. These modern mountain tents are water-resistant, spacious, warm and are properly suited for the Kilimanjaro quest. a number of hikers are normally worried about camping for a couple of days which we totally recognize so we keep our camping gear clean, dry, comfortable and as warm as we can.

Our modern trango three mountain tents are made to handle the toughest mountain situations.  These trango three tents are typically made for superior base-camp housing on hiking tours in the whole world.

The trango three is an all through water resistant tent with taped layers and properly welded junctions. Although each tent is made for three people we accommodate only two hikers with all their gear, for upmost comfort. It’s inside measures forty eight (48) sq ft with a huge entrance, double doors and inside net pockets.

We offer each of our climbers a one and a half inch (1.5”) sleeping pad. They are warm, comfy, thick, and are put in washable covers.

In Tanzania we also have mountain hardware lamina 30°F sleeping bags on location for rent. They are warm winter napping bags made to increase upper floor and remove cold spots.  They have a tough nylon cover that resists water and the inside polyester layer repels dampness hence keeping the tired hikers warm and dry.

The lamina sleeping bags are always washed after each use and rented for a very short time and eventually disposed from the rental items. The bags are long enough to accommodate a six feet tall person, and is temperature moderated to minus thirty four degrees centigrade (-34°C / -30°F) which is more than enough for the cold nights on Mount Kilimanjaro.

mount kilimanjaro accommodation