Climbing mountain Kilimanjaro is a very thrilling experience although it comes with a number of risks for example altitude sickness, falls down the snow slopes, falling ice and hypothermia. So you have to make sure that you get a good insurance that will cover all the risks. In fact insurance is among the required conditions asked while booking to take part in this activity.

The insurance package you book should cover helicopter rescue in case the need arises and it should also be able to cover travel costs of the return trip if a flight is missed, in case of an illness, an accident, injury or bad luck.

This insurance must specifically cover you up to 6000m which implies that one should do as much research as possible when it comes to choosing the right insurance company.

Your insurance should cover against basic travel dangers like loss of personal items and baggage delay.

Travel is insurance is mandatory for all mountain Kilimanjaro hikers so that they can provide you with the best assistance to receive emergency evacuation and hospital treatment in case you should need it.

World nomads is an international travel insurance company that provides the best travel insurance packages for you and your loved ones. When choosing a policy, make sure to include hiking / climbing up to an altitude of 6000 metres and read the small print carefully in order to choose the right policy for you. Different policies provide varying levels of insurance cover which makes it important to understand the contents of your policy.