When planning your stay in Moshi, Kilimanjaro, it’s important to consider your preferences and budget, as well as the various hotel options available. The cost of your accommodations in Moshi can vary based on the level of luxury you desire and any additional services you might want to add to your stay.

To simplify this process, Kilimanjaro Trails has established partnerships with several hotels in Moshi, offering contracted rates that are often more budget-friendly than booking directly with the hotels.

Luxury Retreats in Moshi for a stay before Kilimanjaro Climbing

For those climbers seeking a higher level of comfort and luxury before and after their Mount Kilimanjaro expedition, there are numerous upscale hotels and lodges to choose from.

Expect to pay anywhere from $80 for a single room with breakfast included, up to $160 or more for a double room. These options are perfect for travelers who appreciate opulence, excellent service, and breathtaking views of Kilimanjaro right from their bedroom windows.

The key selling point of these luxurious accommodations lies in the thoughtful details, serene atmospheres, and spacious rooms featuring top-notch amenities.

Luxury Retreats to consider: Kaliwa Lodge and Kiliwonders Hotel.

Comfortable Stays in Moshi

Accommodations classified as “comfortable” offer a balance between a homey ambiance and affordability. Typically located in Moshi town or just outside it, these hotels and lodges provide guests with splendid mountain views from their rooftop bars or restaurant areas. Prices typically range from $80 for a standard twin or double room to $130 for a deluxe double room.

Accommodation in Moshi before Kilimanjaro
Park View Inn Hotel, Moshi

These options are well-suited for average trekkers who are accustomed to Western standards, including families looking for a cozy atmosphere and professional service. Many of these accommodations boast a nice swimming pool area and offer Wi-Fi access in common areas or, in some cases, in guest rooms.

Comfortable Stays to consider: Park View Inn and Chanya Lodge.

Other Quality Comfort Options

Several other good comfort options exist for Kilimanjaro climbers:

Keys Hotel Moshi: A popular choice for hikers, offering basic yet pleasant rooms at approximately $60-$80 per night.

Mount Kilimanjaro View Lodge: As the name suggests, expect incredible views, priced at around $70-$80 per night.

Nyumbani Hotel: Located in town, this clean and comfortable option costs around $80-$90 per night

Springlands Hotel: Another favorite among hikers, providing pleasant accommodations at approximately $100-$120 per night.

San Salinero Hotel: Slightly more upscale than other comfort options, with nice rooms and a great pool area, available for around $120-$150 per night.

Budget-Friendly Choices in Moshi

Budget accommodations in Moshi offer very basic rooms and services. While some are close to Kilimanjaro International Airport, others are situated in the vicinity of Moshi town. Prices for budget options range from $20 for a standard twin or double room to $50 for a double room with breakfast included.

These accommodations cater to backpackers and travelers on a tight budget. On clear days, you can catch glimpses of Mount Kilimanjaro from some of these hotels. Some rooms are equipped with mosquito nets upon request, and for a small fee, they can arrange airport transfers.

However, it’s important to note that many budget accommodations operate on a cash-only basis or accept payments through Mpesa, a popular mobile payment method in Tanzania. Additionally, some of these hotels lack elevators, so be prepared for a mini trek if your room is on a higher floor.

Budget Accommodations to consider:

Rafiki Backpackers: A charming hostel just outside the town center, with prices starting at $20 per night for a single room and $12 per night for a dorm room.

The Hibiscus Bed and Breakfast: A basic and affordable choice, with rates around $30 per night.

Kilimanjaro Safaris Lodge: Centrally located and budget-friendly, priced at approximately $40-$50 per night.

Leopard Hotel: Very centrally situated, offering basic but decent accommodations at around $60 per night.

Colonial-Era Charm

Moshi boasts several hotels and lodges that have retained their colonial-era charm. These properties, such as Kilemakyaro Mountain Lodge and Marangu Hotel, provide guests with a unique experience, offering individual cottages separated from one another.

For those interested in experiencing the nostalgia of the colonial period, staying at one of these establishments is an excellent choice.

Colonial-Style Accommodations to consider: Kilemakyaro Mountain Lodge and Marangu Hotel.

Payment Methods and Additional Facilities

It’s worth noting that not all hotels in Moshi accept credit cards, so be prepared to pay in cash or withdraw funds from an ATM.

Some hotels feature swimming pool facilities, which can be a wonderful amenity for climbers who arrive ahead of their Kilimanjaro expedition and want to relax for a few days. Kilimanjaro Wonders is one of the recommended hotels that boasts a swimming pool, enhancing your stay in Moshi.