Moshi is a small town found south in the shadows of Mount Kilimanjaro National Pak, Tanzania with a population of approximately 200,000 people only. According to a study conducted by the United Nations (UN), this is the cleanest town in the whole of Tanzania.

Because of its nearness to the mountain, majority of the hikers use this town as base for their Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing Safaris. In fact majority of the tour operator working on this mountain organize for their clients to spend a night before the hike and a night after the hike in one of the hotels found in this town.

This article will be very useful for anyone interested in climbing the mountain but would wish to make the hotel reservations in Moshi Town by themselves.

Below are some of the most commonly used Hotels:


Luxury Accommodation

Kaliwa lodge

Kaliwa Lodge

Currently, this is the best accommodation within Moshi town. It is managed by a German proprietor, and offers excellent services, very clean spacious and comfortable rooms, as well as a variety of tasty food. The comfort and hospitality you will receive here will leave you with unforgettable memories of this part of the country.

One of the bestselling factors about Kaliwa Lodge is that while at the terrace, you will enjoy very beautiful views of the mountain. Another amazing factor is that the lodge is located close to the Machame park gate, and will give you nice views of the rain-forest zone of the mountain.

This lodge is ideal for holidaymakers searching for comfort, nice views of the mountains and excellent customer service and hospitality.

Shu’mata Camp

This is located in a nice isolated place on a hilltop within the shadows of the Kilimanjaro. You will be able to enjoy views of the mountain peak especially on clear days. The camp occupies a private area within the Maasai Homelands so the general public is not allowed here, except for its guests thus ensuring total privacy. It prime location gives it an undisturbed communion with nature all around, and because animals freely roam in this areas, there are guards around the camp who ensure the guests are very safe.

There are five (5) permanent guest tents constructed on stone foundation that combine modern architecture with the ancient colonial elegance. The rooms are beautifully decorated with a finishing in the Hemingway- fashion to offer utmost comfort and private indulgence. Each of them has an ensuite bathroom with an enamel wash-basin. There is a private veranda on each tent where guest can enjoy views of the verdant valley.

There is a central longue, restaurant and bar, where you can also have breathtaking vistas of the surrounding. The food is very nice, and the staff are warm and very welcoming.

Other Luxury Hotels include:

  • Kibo Palace
  • African Tulip
  • Arusha Hotel
  • Arusha Coffee Lodge
park view inn

Mid-range Accommodation

Parkview Inn Moshi

This is a highly respected accommodation facility offered as a mid-range priced hotel. It is conveniently located within the town, the Parkview Inn has a rooftop where guests can enjoy breathtakinh views of the Kilimanjaro, as well as enjoy some drinks as they relax.

It offers single, twin and double comfortable rooms. There is a swimming pool where guests can enjoy a swim at the end of the day. There is wifi in all its public areas, and when it comes to the food, the menu is pretty wide and the food is very scrumptious.  This facility is ideal for families and anyone interested in the western standards.

Mountain Inn Moshi

This beautiful place is located out of Moshi town and offers great value for the sensitive travelers. They have a swimming pool, poolside bar, very clean rooms and the food is very tasty. There is also wifi in all the public areas of the hotel. Another specialty here is the Indian food which is part of their menu.

Ndarakwai ranch

Ndarakwai Ranch

This is located on the valley floor within the shadows of the Kilimanjaro. It offers fifteen guest tented rooms with good comfort and views of the mountain and occasional wildlife. The Ndarakwai Ranch is a conservation project which funded by tourist projects. None the les, the ambience and service here is still remarkable and satisfactory as per the budget.

Other Mid-range Hotels include:

  • Planet lodge
  • Mount Kilimanjaro View Lodge
  • Keys Hotel Moshi
  • San Salinero Hotel
  • Springsland Hotel
  • Nyumbani Hotel
  • Karama Lodge

Budget Accommodation in Moshi Town

Hartebeest View Lodge

This is a very ordinary hotel located one hour’s drive from the Kilimanjaro International Airport and just five (5) minutes from the town of Moshi. The staff here are very welcoming and friendly. Its rooms are extremely clean, and it’s ideal for travelers on a small budget not expecting any additions.

Other budget Accommodation Facilities include:

  • Osy Grand Hotel
  • Rafiki Backpackers
  • Kilimanjaro Safari Lodge
  • The Hibiscus Bed & Breakfast
  • Leopard Hotel