Malaria Prevention on Mount Kilimanjaro

Malaria is very common in Tanzania considering the fact that the country lies in a malaria zone. for that reason, hikers stands a high chance of contracting it so precautions like taking anti-malaria tablets (prescribed by your doctor) should be taken to avoid contracting it.

On the bright side, the malaria causing mosquitoes are only found at low altitude like in Moshi and therefore one is less likely to become infected with malaria since mosquitoes do not survive on altitudes over 2,000m. Therefore as a trekker your greatest risk of infection is just before and after your climb, and although a number of hotels offer mosquito nests, you’re safer if you have taken your tablets.

The only sure way of avoiding infection is by taking anti-malarial drugs. Although there are various anti-malarial drugs on the market, please avoid self medication but rather consult with your doctor to decide which is best for you.

We additionally advise our visitors to wear mosquito repellents with DEET base (apply to your skin, clothes and bedding), wear long trousers and long-sleeve shirts that are light in color since mosquitoes are attracted to dark colors.