Anyone visiting Tanzania is required to have a passport valid for at least six months longer than the intended time for the visit. Proof that you have a return ticket and sufficient money to sustain your stay in Tanzania are also needed.

Every visitor (traveller) is accountable for their own passport and visa requirements. If you do not have a passport, it is advisable to apply in advance since the visa processing takes a while. Those who already have visas should ensure that they have not expired yet or are not expiring soon.

In spite of Tanzania being a commonwealth country, UK citizens need a tourist visa to enter the country. This also applies to citizens of Canada, India, New Zealand and the United States of America plus most European Union countries. Other countries should correspond with the nearest Tanzanian embassy to check out visa requirements. Visas are for approximately 50 dollars (around 40 pounds) but some visas in the US can cost about 100 dollars. Tanzanian visas expire three months after their issuance so be cautious not to apply too early.


Another interest thing worth pointing out is that you can purchase your Visas when you arrive at the Kilimanjaro international airport – IATA code: JRO however, immigration has changed the procedure so long queues and delays of more than two hours are expected. please keep in mind that the Tanzanian High Commission reserves the right to deny visa applications on arrival although this has not happened before but it’s better to avoid the risk altogether and apply for the visa while back home before travelling.

Basing on these reasons, we advise all travellers to get their visas in advance since this is in their best interest. More information about applying for a Tanzanian visa in the UK and US can be found here.

Today, you can actually apply for your visa to Tanzania online but you should first read through the visa application guidelines carefully before beginning your application process. This is to ensure that you apply for the right type of visa and that you are planning to enter Tanzania through any of the approved entry points of the country.

Where to get a Tanzania visa

In Dar-es-salaam: office of the Director of immigration Services

In Zanzibar: office of the Principal immigration officer

Abroad: Any Embassy of Tanzania (High Commission) or through the Immigration Services website of Tanzania

Here are the different entry points into Tanzania: Any authorized entry point, including the international airports, Port of Kigoma, Zanzibar airport and the ports of  Horohoro, Tunduma, Sirari as well as Nagama.

Please Note: While we try to provide you with accurate and up-to-date information, travel requirements are dynamic and could change without notice. We advise you to confirm the visa and passport requirements for your trip, and consult with the embassy or the consulate or opt to use a reliable visa agency like