Mount Kilimanjaro Trail Conditions

Mount Kilimanjaro has a number of designated trails that are well maintained. One does not need practical skills on the routes though there are some specific places like the Barranco wall, the Lava Tower climb and the Western Breach approach (closed currently) where one has to climb on both hands and feet.

Some sections of the mountain like to and from the Uhuru Point are slippery and very tiring since the terrain is comprised of broken rock fragments.

When the weather is not favorable, it makes matters worse. However we always advise our hikers to be ready to walk through all weather conditions it be rainy, snowy, and foggy; and all kinds of terrain be it icy, wet, snowy, muddy, and dusty as well as lose ground.

At every campsite are public toilets, which are made of wood built around a bottomless pit dug into the earth.

The public toilets have no commodes so you ease yourself while standing or squatting over a hole made at the bottom of the wooden structure. These public toilets can be filthy at times because Mount Kilimanjaro has many people on it that use them.

We also have private toilets on all our hikes and they comprise of a privacy tent and plastic toilet.

On the mountain there are no bathing facilities.